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Messages to Young People

Today, there are many young people who don't even love their parents, so how can they love others? Ours is a struggle of human revolution--a struggle to overcome our own lack of concern for others and awaken the compassion of the Buddha.
In life, the final victory is the true victory. The victories of youth are not the decisive ones. They are nothing but training for that final, ultimate victory in life.
"Too big" is just about the right size for young people's dreams. What we can achieve in a lifetime is always but a fraction of what we would set out to achieve. So if you start out with expectations that are too low, you'll end up not being able to accomplish anything at all.
Youth, find time and the space in your heart to read and think seriously about things!
The basis of earning people's trust is to always keep your promises. If you keep promises, no matter what you may sacrifice, you will definitely gain trust. This is the crucial social skill for young people. If you cannot do something, you should clearly say so. But if you say you will do something, you must follow through. This is the basis of gaining trust. And it is something you can do without spending money.
Do not be angry with people who are weak. That is the mark of a coward. There are plenty of things to be angry about in the world--people wielding political or religious authority who have been blinded by money, for example! That is the kind of evil young people should direct their rage at. Be angry about that, and you'll never lose your temper about trifling matters.


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